• About Delphi and Freepascal and volatile and safety..

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    About Delphi and Freepascal and volatile and safety..

    So as you are noticing from my below thoughts that on Delphi for windows
    and Freepascal non-local memory is always considered volatile, and i
    think this is good for safety in parallel programming, since C++ and
    Rust doesn't provide this configuration that makes non-local memory
    always volatile to be this safety, so i think that C++ and Rust are

    Read my following thoughts to notice more:

    About Delphi and Volatile..

    Volatile has been introduced first in the Delphi for Mobile Development
    and after that the Delphi Berlin 10.1 for desktop has added Volatile for compatibility with Delphi for Mobile Development, but i think the Delphi windows versions that are not LLVM-based Delphi Compilers will still be compatible with older versions of Delphi for windows, so i think my
    parallel software projects for Delphi for windows are working correctly.

    Read the following to notice:


    Also read my following thoughts about Volatile and Freepascal and Delphi
    to understand more:


    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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