• Message Passing vs Shared Memory

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    Message Passing vs Shared Memory

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    And now about The disadvantages of Actor model:

    1- Not all languages easily enforce immutability

    Erlang, the language that first popularized actors has immutability at
    its core but Java and Scala (actually the JVM) does not enforce

    2- Still pretty complex

    Actors are based on an asynchronous model of programming which is not so straight forward and easy to model in all scenarios; it is particularly difficult to handle errors and failure scenarios.

    3- Does not prevent deadlock or starvation

    Two actors can be in the state that wait message one from another; thus
    you have a deadlock just like with locks, although much easier to debug.
    With transactional memory however you are guaranteed deadlock free.

    4- Not so efficient

    Because of enforced immutability and because many actors have to switch
    in using the same thread actors won't be as efficient as lock-based concurrency.

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