• "The State of Fortran" -- accepted for publication in Computing in Scie

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    https://fortran-lang.discourse.group/t/the-state-of-fortran-paper-accepted-for-publication/3097 refers to https://arxiv.org/abs/2203.15110 by Laurence Kedward et al.

    A community of developers has formed to modernize the Fortran ecosystem. In this article, we describe the high-level features of Fortran that continue to make it a good choice for scientists and engineers in the 21st century. Ongoing efforts include the
    development of a Fortran standard library and package manager, the fostering of a friendly and welcoming online community, improved compiler support, and language feature development. The lessons learned are common across contemporary programming
    languages and help reduce the learning curve and increase adoption of Fortran.

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