• Fortran quasi-REPL

    From Beliavsky@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 21 19:08:16 2022
    I wrote a Fortran program that creates a shell where you can enter lines of Fortran code at the prompt and either terminate a line of code with a semicolon or enter run to compile the code and display the results in the same shell. I mentioned it at
    Fortran Discourse https://fortran-lang.discourse.group/t/fortran-one-line-toy-interpreter/3003/2 , and the code (just two files) is at https://github.com/Beliavsky/FortranShell . Suggestions are welcome.

    It's not really a REPL, since it just compiles the program from scratch each time, but it does shorten the write/save/compile/run cycle.

    LFortran https://lfortran.org/ is a Modern interactive LLVM-based Fortran compiler.

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