• Oops. Just tried that and even using longwords (where the above example

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    I would also suggest that the example use IOMSG= and print the returned message now that that is widely available. It will (hopefully) produce a clear message that an attempt was made to read a non-existent record. Another thing not mentioned is you
    can have your
    code check the size of a unit:

    The number of bits in a file storage unit is given by the constant FILE_STORAGE_SIZE ( defined
    in the intrinsic module ISO_FORTRAN_ENV. It is recommended that the file storage unit be an 8-bit octet
    where this choice is practical.

    so you can, in the case of ifort(1), warn if it is compiled with a FILE_STORAGE_SIZE of 32 instead of 8. I thought ifort(1) no longer used longwords as the unit for RECL by default, too. I guess that is not the case unless formatted I/O is used, now
    that I go and look. My own build scripts and fpm(1) specify it so I had forgotten.

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