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    From Arjen Markus@21:1/5 to Manisha Manisha on Fri Aug 19 11:24:37 2022
    On Friday, August 19, 2022 at 8:17:22 PM UTC+2, Manisha Manisha wrote:
    Hi everyone ,
    I am new user to run fortran program and i am facing the error
    1)‘shape’ argument of ‘reshape’ intrinsic at (1) must be of rank 1 2)Function ‘matmal’ at (1) has no IMPLICIT type

    You should show us the source code, ideally reduced to a small program, that demonstrates the problems.

    The error messages themselves are clear themselves (well, matmal should be matmul), but the important things are often:
    - The actual arguments and their types used in the call to the functions
    - The actual calls themselves



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