• gtk-fortran 4.2 released (a fpm dependency)

    From MAGNIN Vincent@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 25 09:54:53 2022
    * gtk-fortran 4.2.1 offers interfaces to GTK 4.6.2 and GLib 2.72.1. You
    can of course use it with lower GTK 4 versions, provided that you don't
    call new functions. It was tested on Linux, MSYS2/Windows 10, macOS and FreeBSD. See https://github.com/vmagnin/gtk-fortran/wiki

    * It can now be installed via conda (Linux and macOS only):

    $ conda install gtk-4-fortran

    * Last but not the least, gtk-fortran can now be used as a fpm (https://fpm.fortran-lang.org) dependency (gtk4 branch only), as
    explained in the tutorial 5 "How to use fpm to build a gtk-fortran
    project" (https://github.com/vmagnin/gtk-fortran/wiki/Tutorial-5), based
    on the gtkzero_fpm example (https://github.com/vmagnin/gtkzero_fpm).
    Supposing you have already installed fpm and the GTK 4 development files (`libgtk-4-dev` package in Ubuntu), building and running that example
    should be as simple as typing:

    $ git@github.com:vmagnin/gtkzero_fpm.git
    $ cd gtkzero_fpm
    $ fpm run

    A "Hello World" GTK empty window should appear on screen.

    It's very simple to use, the key lines in the `fpm.toml` manifest of
    that example being just:

    gtk-fortran = { git = "https://github.com/vmagnin/gtk-fortran.git",
    branch = "gtk4" }

    Note that if you have several projects using gtk-fortran, it would be a
    better solution to clone the gtk-fortran repository alongside your
    projects and replace in their `fpm.toml` manifests the git dependency by
    the local path to gtk-fortran:

    gtk-fortran = { path = "../gtk-fortran" }

    You can post issues here or on GitHub (https://github.com/vmagnin/gtk-fortran/issues).

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