• gnu-cobol track started on Exercism.org

    From Bruce Axtens@21:1/5 to All on Wed Oct 20 10:33:10 2021
    Just letting you all know that I've got the ball rolling on
    exercism.org. A gnu-cobol track has been created and I have commenced
    creating a set of basic exercises.

    It would be helpful if some of you could look at the other languages'
    exercises and suggest what a first-20 set should look like for
    gnu-cobol. What I don't want to do is merely try to have gnu-cobol
    exercises that are attempted translations of the first 20 vbnet ones.
    COBOL is a business and file-oriented language and I'd prefer to have
    the first-20 reflect that to some extent.

    Something else that I'd like to have happen, unlikely though it be, is
    for some COBOL vendor like MicroFocus or IBM to do what the Go language
    folk at GoBridge have done: https://exercism.org/blog/exercism-is-the-official-go-mentoring-platform


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