• register ooRexx programs as apps in Windows 10?

    From Glenn Knickerbocker@21:1/5 to All on Thu Oct 12 10:36:21 2017
    I used to use "open with" or just drag and drop files to a Rexx program
    in older Windows versions. Windows 10 complains that "This app can't run
    on your PC." Is there something I can do to register either the filetype
    or a particular program to be used as an app?

    The obvious workaround is a one-line .cmd file, or, less elegantly,
    wrapping the program in a .cmd file with:

    rem /*
    @echo off
    rexx "%~f0" %*
    exit /b %errorlevel%
    Rexx code follows:

    and tolerating the typing of the first line.

    (Swifty's old post about this trick: <k8chmp$v0q$1@speranza.aioe.org>)

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