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    From John Bobinyec@21:1/5 to All on Wed Oct 11 07:35:00 2017
    When an external function is called by only its filename, the Rexx interpreter will search for an appropriately named file. In older versions (3.2.0) it would try files which had a filetype of .rex and .cmd . In release 4.0.0 and later the .cmd
    filetype was dropped. Can anyone tell me why that was done, and more importantly, how to configure something in order for the .cmd filetype to be found?

    OS - Windows 7.

    J. Bobinyec

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  • From ErichSt@21:1/5 to All on Fri Oct 13 05:17:23 2017
    Hi John,
    I can't say anything as to whether there was a change between 3.2 and 4.0.

    If you want ooRexx to find .CMD files on external calls, you might do one of the following:
    * call you parent program name.cmd (instead of name.rex)
    * change each call from 'name' to 'name.cmd'
    * set the option EXTERNAL_CALL_EXTENSIONS to ".CMD" on the RexxCreateInterpreter() call with which you start your program (i. e. create a customized rexx.exe)

    The ooRexx Reference section "Locating External Rexx Files" describes in detail how ooRexx does file extension search.

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