• Computing time difference in classical REXX

    From StuartKuz@21:1/5 to Arthur T. on Wed Feb 5 11:44:32 2020
    On Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 4:51:47 PM UTC-7, Arthur T. wrote:
    I'd like to compute the time difference between two time/date
    stamps. The inputs will be in the format of yyyymmdd hh:mm:ss.

    Is there anything easier than computing the number of days
    difference, converting to seconds, then adding the time difference,
    and adjusting for partial days (e.g. if end-time is less than
    start-time, subtract one day)?

    I'd think this was a common operation, so someone has likely
    already written and debugged code I could use. But if the answer is
    in the newsgroup, my search hasn't found it.

    (It probably wouldn't take me too long to write the code, but
    then there's the problem in coming up with weird test examples to make
    sure it's correct. I've decided that I'll probably ignore the
    problems introduced by DST.)

    In case it makes a difference, I'm using Regina on Windows.

    Arthur T. - ar23hur "at" intergate "dot" com

    If the difference is between points in your code, time(E) is cool.

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