• ClipWeb 3.0 for Clipper and Xbase++ Released (Now Supports IIS)

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    Le dimanche 28 juin 1998 09:00:00 UTC+2, John H. Stolte, Sr. a écrit :
    June 26, 1998
    Cartersville, Virginia

    John H. Stolte, Sr., President of Omicron Software Publishing Corp.
    announced today the long awaited release of ClipWeb 3.0 for CA-Clipper
    5.x and Alaska's Xbase++ Version 1.1.153 GA Release.

    ClipWeb allows Clipper and Xbase++ Developers to write CGI Programs
    (Scripts) in their favorite language, do data publishing from their Clipper/Xbase++ databases, and create dynamic content for their
    web pages on all WIN-CGI Compatible WebServers or Microsoft's IIS Web
    Servers (Version's 3 & 4).

    ClipWeb, (formerly called FiveWeb) has been under redevelopment for
    some time now. We have re-written most of the functions, cleaned up
    the code, added new functionality, and added support for new compilers
    and WebServers.

    ClipWeb was the very first third party library to be converted to
    Alaska's Xbase++. This was done in about 30 minutes in front of a room
    full of spectators in New Orleans at the CA-World 97 Technicon show
    over a year ago. That version was not released however, as we wanted
    to wait for Xbase++ to mature some, as well as to add the new
    functionality to the project.

    ClipWeb 3.0 was worth the wait!

    New in version 3.0 is the ability to build CGI applications or do data publishing with ClipWeb and Alaska's Xbase++ Compiler.

    Prior versions of ClipWeb only supported O'Reilly's Website Servers,
    and could be used on NetScape Servers with some modifications.

    Version 3.0 is known to support the following servers out of the box,
    without modification:

    O'Reilly's Website Version 1.1 and above
    Microsoft IIS 3.x (Internet Information Server)
    Microsoft IIS 4.x (Internet Information Server)
    Microsoft NT Workstation Peer Web Server
    NetScape FastTrack Server 2.0 and above
    NetScape Enterprise Server
    Sambar 4.03
    Alibaba 2.0

    There are probably more! If the server is WIN-CGI Compliant, (and
    running on Windows) then it 'should' run ClipWeb programs without any problem.

    Several new functions were added as well. The CgiField() function now
    makes parsing data from the WebForms an absolute breeze! No more
    worrying about the ordinal position of some data in the aFieldsArray,
    just get the data by name: cName := CgiField("NAME")

    Query String Support! (Version 2.5 update actually had
    these functions, but it was not widely distributed)

    Multiple Selection Listboxes are new in ClipWeb 3.0 as well as
    Microsoft IE Marquee styles! Table handling has been enhanced, and
    new table functions are under development now which will be made
    available shortly.

    Cookies! Now you can send and receive "Cookies" which help in keeping
    track of clients, and storing client information on the client machine,
    as well as being used to preserve "State" information about client

    JavaScript is fully supported! (for that matter so is VBScript and
    Java Applets, etc.)

    The Error System has been enhanced to report CGI Runtime errors to the Browser rather than just to a log file (it still logs the error). Now
    the client can SEE what the error was and report it.

    Additional functions were introduced to help in debugging CGI

    Several new sample programs show off many of the new features.

    New Windows Help as well as HTML Help! Dramatically improved!

    ClipWeb 3.0 now comes in two versions. Standard and Pro. The Standard version has some of the libraries source code with it and retails for
    $199.00 US. The Pro Version comes with 100% complete source code for
    the entire library of over 75 functions and retails for $298.00 US

    Upgrades from any prior version of ClipWeb/FiveWeb can be purchased at
    $99.00 US for the Standard version upgrade, and $198.00 US for the
    Upgrade from a prior version to the 3.0 Pro Version. Customers who
    purchase new ClipWeb 3.0 Standard versions now, will be able to upgrade
    to the 3.0 Pro version later for just the difference, of $99.00 US.
    A Fully Functional Evaluation Edition of ClipWeb can be download from
    our FTP site at ftp://fivewin.com/evals/cwebee.exe

    Online Ordering for Electronic delivery (save those shipping costs
    and the duty and taxes as well for our overseas customers) is available
    at our online store at http://www.fivewin.com/omicronstore

    Thank you.

    John H. Stolte, Sr.

    Hello, I have bought clipweb, and I am very satisfied, but I want to by the source for 99$, can you sell it to me. yours faithfully h.burgener(at)vtxnet.ch

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