• X# summit in Austin (Tx) on March 21-22

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    A very happy new year to you all.

    We hope that we can contribute to the "happiness" of this new year with
    the following announcement:

    For the first time in many years there is a meeting for Visual Objects developers in the US! The X# team has worked together with the staff
    from QLAdmin in Austin to organize this event.

    Since we are a small open source project and we have limited financial resources, we have chosen to organize this as a relatively low budget
    event. More like a usergroup meeting then a real conference.

    We have also chosen a location in the south of the US, so developers
    from Mexico and other Middle American countries are also able to come
    with a reasonable travel time/costs.

    The main audience for this event is existing Visual Objects and
    Vulcan.NET developers. However developers working with other XBase
    languages, such as XBase++ and Harbour, are also invited, there will be
    enough interesting information for you as well.

    We will present the current state of the X# development and show how to
    migrate your apps from Visual Objects to .Net. We will also have time to explain some of the internals of the X# compiler and runtime and how you
    can use the new features in the product (generics, lambda expression,
    linq, scripting, multi threading etc) in your apps. We will also show
    you the support that we have for other dialects (such as XBase++ and
    More information about the X# summit can be found on our website.

    We hope to see you in Austin !

    Robert van der Hulst
    The XSharp project

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