• Tcl::pTk: new co-maintainer, release 0.93, MacPorts

    From Christopher Chavez@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 15 06:06:33 2018
    Hi everyone,

    I've recently been added as a co-maintainer to Tcl::pTk. Thanks to John
    Cerney for helping me get started.

    I'm particularly interested in its use with macOS aqua, since it allows
    running Perl/Tk programs with native aqua UI and without needing XQuartz.

    I released Tcl::pTk 0.93 to address a few issues which I and other users
    have reported so far. The more important usability changes are:

    * focusFollowsMouse Perl/Tk syntax support (RT #125057)
    * Adjust mousewheel scrolling units for macOS aqua (RT #125048)
    * Use mouse buttons 4 and 5 for scrolling on X11 only (not aqua)
    * Bind widgets' events for mouse buttons 2 and 3 correctly on aqua
    (since they are backwards from how X11 and Windows assign them; RT
    #125050, #125460)
    * Prevent error when invoking Cut from F2 key (RT #125460)
    * Allow '-forwards' for FindNext() direction, as documented by newer
    Perl/Tk (RT #125532)

    I've also added a p5-tcl-ptk port to MacPorts. It doesn't yet provide
    complete functionality; at the moment, some of the ports for Tk
    extensions (Tix and Tktable) only work with the X11 variant of the Tk port.

    Christopher A. Chavez

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