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    A HTML standard called hyperlink auditing that allows sites to track
    link clicks is enabled by default on Safari, Chrome, Opera, and
    Microsoft Edge, but will soon have no way to disable it. As it is considered a privacy risk, browsers previously allowed you to
    disable this feature. Now they are going in the opposite direction.

    Hyperlink auditing is a HTML standard

    Wait a minute; like, a W3C standard? You know, the body that
    represents the interests of all the WWW users -- such as Google,
    Netflix, and the rest of the gang?

    Yeah, I'm surprised beyond belief that they have such a privacy
    threat standardized, and that that same Google is going out of
    their way to disallow opting-out. After all, their users' best
    interests are at the stake. Financial ones, too.


    PS. Can we have a community hypertext markup standard already? Please?

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