• [ANN] no-https.perl 0.11: redirects-eating plain-HTTP to HTTPS proxy

    From Ivan Shmakov@21:1/5 to All on Fri Oct 5 16:32:30 2018
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    I'm pleased to announce the availability of No-HTTPS plain-HTTP
    to HTTPS proxy version 0.11 (2018.laX_1Q2f) [1], which can now
    be obtained from the news:alt.sources newsgroup.

    This version represents an early beta stage of the code
    development and comes with an extensive list of known bugs and
    limitations. In particular, POST requests can now only be
    transparently forwarded to HTTPS servers if 100 Continue
    response is emitted by the server (which excludes HTTP/1.0
    clients, such as Lynx.)

    Also, references to https: resources in the forwarded documents
    are not replaced accordingly. The code, however, is believed to
    provide all the necessary hooks to allow for implementing
    arbitrary content modifications as external Perl modules. An
    example client-side JavaScript program for GreaseMonkey/Firefox
    to remove leading https: from HTML href attributes (resulting in
    protocol-relative //example.com/ URIs) is provided in the
    documentation as well.

    The proxy is written in Perl 5 and apart of a reasonably recent
    version thereof also requires the following packages:
    common::sense, Data::Dump (primarily for --debug), the recently
    released HTTP1::MessageStream 0.4 (2018.9F_zSLb1) [2], and URI.

    The code optionally makes use of the IO::Socket::IP and
    IO::Socket::SSL modules to make outgoing connections. If not
    available, or to otherwise augment the operation of No-HTTPS,
    IO::Socket::UNIX and POSIX can be used instead, alongside an
    external command, such as socat(1).

    The no-https.perl file is available under the terms of
    GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
    Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your
    option) any later version; see http://gnu.org/licenses/.

    The accompanying README (including several examples) is
    available under CC0 Public Domain Dedication 1.0; see

    [1] no-https.perl 0.11: redirects-eating plain-HTTP to HTTPS proxy
    news:87r2h5tr8d.fsf@siamics.net (source)
    [2] HTTP1/MessageStream.pm 0.4: HTTP/1.{1,0} message parser
    news:878t3oupx3.fsf@siamics.net (source)
    news:87zhw4t9n4.fsf@siamics.net (announce)

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