• Yes, There Is A 'Hillary Standard' -- She Gets Away With Everything

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    In an interview with "60 Minutes" that aired on Sunday, Hillary
    Clinton actually said something that is undeniably true: "I
    often feel like there's the Hillary standard, and then there's
    the standard for everybody else." By that, Clinton meant to say
    that she often gets treated unfairly. Which is also true.

    But then Clinton went on to claim that by "Hillary standard,"
    she meant that she is uniquely singled out for "unfounded,
    inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth." That
    should have elicited a laugh from CBS News' Scott Pelley, but
    instead he asked this tough follow-up question: "Why do you put
    yourself through it?"

    Anyone who isn't blinded by partisanship can see that there is,
    and has been, a Hillary standard. But not one in which Hillary
    is the victim. It's one in which she, because of her party
    affiliation and gender, is held unaccountable for any wrongdoing
    that would doom mere mortals.

    We don't need to run through the familiar litany in detail, but
    suffice it to say that if a Republican had been secretary of
    state when a U.S. ambassador was killed by terrorists in a
    country that the secretary's own policies had destabilized, that
    person would unlikely be the party's nominee.

    If anyone but Hillary Clinton had set up a private foundation
    that took money from government officials who were at the same
    time seeking favors from the federal government, she'd never
    have survived the scandal.

    And if anyone but Hillary had set up a private email server
    while secretary of state, for the express purpose of protecting
    her correspondence from Freedom of Information Act requests,
    well, first of all, the press would likely have exposed it while
    she was secretary of state.

    Once the email scandal did come to light, her blatantly obvious
    and yet endlessly repeated lies would have sunk any other
    candidate a long time ago. It's also unlikely that the FBI would
    have concluded -- after amply demonstrated that she was grossly
    negligent in handling national security information -- that no
    "reasonable" prosecutor would want to try Clinton for her
    crimes. If it weren't for the Hillary standard, there would be
    "reasonable" prosecutors lined up around the block eager to try
    this case, if for no other reason that to show that no one is
    above the law.

    Finally, if anyone but Hillary had been so greedy as to make
    half a million in one day giving speeches, and more than $21
    million over the course of two years, to major corporations and
    special interests, no one would ever take her seriously when she
    complains about "greed."

    To be sure, the "Hillary standard" isn't entirely unique to
    Hillary. It's more like the "Democratic standard," whereby
    Democrats generally are treated differently than Republicans.
    Democrats can lie, cheat, viciously attack opponents, be as
    corrupt as the day is long, and the press will play it down,
    ignore it, or make excuses, all while sending armies of angry
    reporters chasing after even the slightest perceived GOP

    Clinton is like Nietzsche's "Ubermensch," except in Nietzsche's
    version, the Ubermensch didn't whine about being above the law.

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