• Opera's built in ad-blocking

    From Jamie Kahn Genet@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 1 23:33:14 2016
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    After using desktop Opera's built in ad-blocking a while, I have to say
    it is very good for a basic included feature. <http://www.opera.com/blogs/desktop/2016/03/native-ad-blocking-feature-opera-for-computers/>

    While not quite as comprehensive as UBlock Origin, it is adequate and
    worth the speed savings on slower machines and congested public WiFi and
    the like.

    One thing I do not fully understand is how Opera's new 'Opera VPN'
    service (basically SurfEasy lite - fewer features, options, and server
    choices than SurfEasy) can have worse built in ad-blocking than Opera's
    own built in ad-blocking. Yet it does. Are they not using the same block
    list? Or is it harder to seamlessly remove some content via the network?
    I expect it's the later, but it is disappointing.

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