• Serendipity

    From Plain Text@21:1/5 to All on Tue Oct 5 19:50:52 2021
    This is a great experimental niche search engine: search.marginalia.nu

    An example search: https://search.marginalia.nu/search?query=plain+text

    Quote from gemini://marginalia.nu/projects/edge/about.gmi follows.

    It is a search engine, designed to help you find what you didn't even
    know you were looking for. If you search for "Plato", you might for
    example end up at the Canterbury Tales. Go looking for the Canterbury
    Tales, and you may stumble upon Neil Gaiman's blog.

    If you are looking for fact, this is almost certainly the wrong tool. If
    you are looking for serendipity, you're on the right track. When was the
    last time you just stumbled onto something interesting, by the way?

    I'm not affiliated, just a fan. Thanks

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