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    Press Release: AttachZIP 8.8 for IBM Notes and Domino


    With AttachZIP 8.8 Release Version, Enhancements to End User and Server-side Zip Compression Speed Processes Up to 20% Faster than v8.0; Notes / iNotes Users Supported on Windows, Mac, Linux; iNotes Users Supported using Internet Explorer, Chrome,
    Firefox, Safari; Server-side Zip Compression supported on Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX, Solaris


    New York, NY – July 26, 2016 – NotesMail, provider of IBM Notes and Domino consulting services and IBM Notes tools, now offers enhanced compression, new features and additional platform support to maximize available disk space, network bandwidth and
    performance. AttachZIP is an attachment compression and archive tool for IBM Notes which significantly reduces mailbox / database sizes and increases available disk space, network bandwidth and performance on IBM Domino servers. Reduce mailbox / database
    sizes, compress attachments, optimize images: Domino Administrators can save gigabytes or terabytes of disk space on Domino servers by compressing attachments and optimizing images including native XML optimization in Notes mailboxes / databases. End
    Users can automatically convert attachments to Zip format in Notes mailboxes / databases. Compressed attachments can optionally be archived to a central repository Notes database and external server (web, FTP file share). Single product offering:
    AttachZIP functionality includes attachment compression, image optimization and archive functionality for Domino administrators, end users and servers which is sold as a single product! Notes template based installation: AttachZIP installation is quick
    since Notes template based. Simple as copying a Notes database. There are no DLL install files or 3rd party Zip software required on server or user desktop!

    * IBM Notes and Domino 9/8/7 compatible
    * Server platforms: Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX
    * Desktop platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    * Notes Zip compress on Windows, Mac, Linux
    * iNotes Zip compress using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
    * Notes Traveler, Blackberry Zip compress via server-side
    * Automatically compress attachments in outbound, inbound, old emails
    * Schedule mailbox / DB compression and archiving daily, weekly, monthly (Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX)
    * Compress attachments to Zip, 7-Zip, native LZ1 format
    * Image optimization and attachment icon image optimization; Native XML optimization
    * Enforce maximum Zip attachment size for user groups
    * Include / Exclude file types to Zip for user groups
    * Multilingual User Interface (MUI) mailbox integration
    * Compress to Zip format 2-10% better than other Zip programs including PKZIP and WinZip
    * Compress 30-70% better than Zip format using 7-Zip format (.7z) option
    * Simple installation: Quick roll-out to all mail servers and users. No DLL's!

    Optional attachment archive features

    * Archive attachments to a central repository Notes DB and external server (web, FTP, file share)
    * Access archived attachments via native Document Link and HTTP, FTP, FILE links

    AttachZIP is sold as one product to fulfill all your IBM Notes compression and archiving needs. No other single product offering on the market has the ability to automatically (1) Zip attachments, (2) Optimize images, (3) run on all Notes clients and
    server platforms, (4) run on iNotes using all web brower clients, and (5) Archive compressed attachments to a Notes DB and external server (web, FTP, file share).

    AttachZIP can be configured to run on any Domino 9/8/7 server platform, and it is easy to deploy since essentially an IBM Notes database. More information on AttachZIP is available by going to the NotesMail Website or calling 212-599-2048 x5.

    "We purchased AttachZIP for 4,500 users across 8 Notes domains which has significantly saved us diskspace and bandwidth in our RHEL Domino 9 environment by zipping attachments and image optimization. AttachZIP works great for all our end user clients
    including IBM Notes 9/8.5 Standard, IBM Notes 9/8.5 Basic and iNotes 9/8.5 (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) including 32/64-bit Windows and Mac desktops. We centrally control Zip activation by assigning file type inclusion/exclusion and maximum attachment
    size to specific IBM DD groups . We also configured AttachZIP on the server-side to process attachments sent by external email senders to internal users."
    - IT Corporate Messaging, [Indian pharmaceutical company]

    "We purchased AttachZIP since our Lotus Domino 8 mail server was low on disk space. Our Domino Administrator configured it to convert attachments to ZIP format in emails older than 1 year. We execute it on 50 of our largest mailboxes on an adhoc basis.
    We have not explored the end user or scheduling functionality yet, but it saved us in an emergency situation when we needed to regain disk space. After we run AttachZIP we issue the Domino Server console command 'Load Compact -B' to see an immediate disk
    space savings from the operating system level."
    - Erik Ricalde, Desktop Support Manager, Travel Exchange Ltd

    "AttachZIP rescued our Lotus Domino 6.5 mail server which was critically low on disk space. We configured AttachZIP to process 200 of our large mailboxes in a local replica mailbox environment. When a Notes 6.5 user sends an email it is automatically
    converted to ZIP format. We scheduled AttachZIP to run on the weekend and archive attachments in emails older than X days. The attachments are (1) replaced with a Notes native Document Link, (2) converted to ZIP format, then (3) moved to a Lotus Notes
    archive database on another hard drive. The original email header (summary) and body remains in the user's mailbox. We would also like to mention IVE Technologies provided outstanding technical support to help us quickly implement the solution."
    - Haniappah Abdul, IT Executive, BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC

    Release notes (highlights)
    AttachZIP 8.8
    • Fixes issue with forward/reply Inbox/View icons which were missing when processing attachments with IBM Notes client and AttachZIP.
    • Processing time when sending a message email with attachments is slightly faster (faster per message, not per attachment).
    • Fixes issue with Zip attachment name font and size. It will no longer sometimes appear as a tiny font.
    • Help button documentation now uses sections for topics for easier understanding and navigation.

    AttachZIP 8.78
    • AttachZIP end user profile now supports custom message in maximum attachment size section.
    • User prompt displayed to end user has been changed to include "AttachZIP - Maximum attachment size exceeded" in title bar, exclamation icon, custom message which is appended by "Size:", "Limit:" and "File:". Size is now displayed in MB rather than KB.
    • Bytes to MB conversions now uses 1,048,576 rather than 1,024,000 in all calculations .
    • Fixed message recall issue (fix included in in v8.77)
    • Other minor changes.

    AttachZIP 8.0
    • Multiple mailboxes can now be select in the extended profile using an IBM DD group. i.e. Mailboxes / DB query: Mailboxes / DBs (by group).
    • Scheduling now supported on Linux, IBM i, AIX.
    • Mac now supported for end user and extended profile (process attachments on desktop).
    • iNotes 9/8.5 web client now supported in end user profile.
    • New Zip engine called "7-Zip" can now be used for end user profile (Windows desktop required) and scheduling on Domino Windows servers. 7-Zip compresses 30-70% better than Zip using "Ultra (.7z)" option. Ultra (.zip)" option it will compression 2-10%
    better than the "Default (Notes 6.0+)" option. Requirement: 7-Zip software must be installed on desktop for end user profile or server for scheduling (or run on server option).
    • Image optimization and attachment icon image optimization now supported. • End user profile now supports maximum attachment size option for up to 3 IBM DD groups (specify a different size for each group).
    • A Notes.ini parameter can be set on the user's desktop (using AttachZIP 9 or 8.5 custom mail template) which will bypass all rules in the AttachZIP end user profile in azip.nsf. However, any restrictions such as max attachment size will be ignored.

    About NotesMail
    NotesMail is an IBM Advanced Business Partner specializing in IBM Collaboration Solutions (formerly IBM Lotus software), and providing consulting services and IBM Notes tools for over 20 years. Our primary focus is on IBM Notes and Domino as our name
    might suggest. We differ from other consulting companies since IBM Notes and Domino is our highest priority, and not just part of a broader IT practice. NotesMail's corporate headquarters is in New York, NY US.

    Launched in 1994, NotesMail offers customized IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) software that fit each customer’s unique environment. NotesMail has sold its Notes tools to thousands of organizations, comprising millions of users. It serves customers in
    a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics, energy, education, government, financial, media, transportation, law, accounting and insurance.

    NotesMail has delivered ICS consulting services to hundreds of enterprise customers including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Toyota, Epson, Seagate Technology, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Illinois, Department of
    HUD, United States Marine Corps, Missouri State Highway Patrol, JPMorgan Chase. State Street Bank, United Parcel Service, Sony Corporation, Ernst & Young, among others. We have consistently provided technical excellence, outstanding customer service, and
    innovative products to small, medium and large companies around the globe. With the professional advantage that comes from our command of the diverse, highly-specialized work related to IBM Collaboration Solutions technologies, NotesMail is well
    positioned to be the vendor of choice for many leading-edge organizations.

    To learn more about NotesMail's IBM Notes tools and consulting services, visit the NotesMail Website, IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog and IBM Global Solutions Directory.


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