• Is there anybody out there?

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    On Tuesday, 6 March 2012 09:43:02 UTC+10, Kevin Gleeson wrote:
    Anyone still monitor this group? Haven't seen a post in here in ages.

    I do have a valid question though.

    I used LW since the mid-90s

    Through the 2000s I was using 3DSMax but still using Lighwave for
    modelling. This was at a production studio I worked with for a decade.

    Therefore I didn't upgrade LW beyond 5.6

    I am now out of work and broke and cannot afford to buy either Max or Lightwave.

    I am licensed for 5.6 (I used to have 3 licenses) but have no idea
    where my dongle or install discs are. They may be in a shipping
    container 2000km away from me, but it is not practical to get them

    I've emailed Newtek about this situation but have no reply.

    I've legitimately bought this software. I don't need the latest
    version, I just need something that can create me work. I downloaded
    the latest version, but it is so restricted in trial version that it
    is unworkable.

    Anyone else tried to deal with Newtek on legacy versions?



    Lol Kev, just skimmed this group today thinking about the old days.

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