• Eric Lengyel, Mathematics, Chapter 3, Exercise 10 problem

    From George J@21:1/5 to All on Tue Aug 10 21:00:56 2021
    Hi All!
    Some time ago I started to learn "Eric Lengyel, Foundations Of Game Engine Development, Volume 1: Mathematics". And at the chapter 3 i can not understand, how to solve exercise 10 ( on the "3.5 Plucker Coordinates" theme).
    "Let {v|m1} and {v|m2} be parallel lines having the same direction but different moments. Find a formula for the distance d between theese two lines by considering the triangle formed by the origin and the closest point to the origin on each line"
    At first is seemed simple for me, but now i cen't understand, from what should i start. I used different formulas, but can' understand, how to get this value. I've tried different paths, but couldn't get the right answer:
    [ d = (| v * (m2 - m1) |) / (sqr(v) ]
    maybe someone solved that problem yet..

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