• Smooth high-res projection in Open GL

    From Rick C. Hodgin@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 17 19:57:13 2020
    How do programs like Blender (even older 2.7x versions from 2014 that
    still work on my circa 2007 HP desktop computer) scale their screen
    content up and down so smoothly? If you go into the Node Editor, for
    example, scaling up and down is totally smooth.

    And how do programs like Compiz on Linux smooth their screen animations
    so smoothly? From wobbly windows, stretch and skew, etc.

    Whenever I load textures into Open GL I generate mipmaps and no matter
    what resolution I use on the texture, it's never as good as the
    original. I can try and project a single rectangle on the screen of the
    exact proportions the texture would be, and it's like the texture has
    been reduced down by to a 2x or 4x lower resolution.

    I'd like to be able to load in a high resolution texture and manipulate
    it in high resolution.

    Rick C. Hodgin

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