• Foward and Backward Chaining

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    anyone have background on Forward and Backward chaining on search such as outlined by Lugar in his AI books?

    I'm very confused by it. He seems to swap out the term goal without
    defining it and it seems like a lot of syntax that can be applied for
    either chaining method. His examples with searching for the anwser to
    the question, "Am I related to Thomas Jefferson" doesn't fit the idea of reasoning by goal to data or data to goal. The "goal" changes depending
    on how I try to solve the question.

    One goal can be, are any of my ancestors Thosam Jefferson
    The other goal can be, are any of Jeffersons decedents me or my parents.

    The state maps are nodes of state and arcs of events or rules. The maps
    he draws in the books say goal on top and data on the botton. We have
    no goals and data. We have states and archs. Data is sprinkled
    throughout the maps and goals are arbitrary assignments of different states.

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