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    From Adeel Nigarish@21:1/5 to Tachyon on Fri Jun 2 22:57:34 2023
    On Saturday, August 24, 1996 at 12:00:00 PM UTC+5, Tachyon wrote:
    bels...@entertech.com (William Elswick) wrote:
    I just bought a copy of Adobe Photoshop 3.0 on CD ROM (Windoze) and
    they shipped it without a serial number so I can't install it. Adobe
    tech support said that everyone who could give me a serial number
    was at a company picnic or something. While they were very nice,
    they were not at all helpful. And they won't be back till next Monday.
    So does anyone have a serial number to share? Since it's a CD-ROM
    any serial number will do because it's a mass-produced distribution.
    It probably has to be for Photoshop 3.0, CD-ROM version, for Windoze. >Thanks in advance,
    OK, I guess you sound honest enough.
    you can get the serial # if you do a Infoseek web search for;
    serial numbers photoshop
    but don't let it get around, i don't want all the pirates to get wind
    of this idea.
    my serial number

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