• NetBeans 8 C++ Photoshop plug-in project problem

    From ankapetkova1980@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 14 02:35:17 2020
    Hi there!
    I am trying to get into simple Photoshop filter plug-in creation inside NetBeans IDE but I have quite a lot of problem even with the initial steps of doing so: like I am new to C++ (coming from JAVA) - in JAVA adding #includes is quite easy (and as one
    adds them project automatically find them) but in C++ it seems to be something completely different cos after adding them project still cannot find them.

    Like for example Photoshop SDK CC 2019 (my case as I intend to create CC 2019 compatible filter plugin): I thought those files need to be put into Headers folder inside NetBeans C++ project as they have .h extension (I created it as a "C++ Dynamic
    Lybrary - is that even correct to start with?") , but they are still not found in #include declaration.

    For exmaple:
    - my project is in Z:\_CPP_\myfilter
    - I added folder with Photoshop SDK CC 2019 to Headers folder inside my C++ project in NetBeans
    - still any "#include <some-file-with-h-extension>" can not find those SDK files unless I move them alongside my project myfilter.cpp (that is to copy every single one of them into Z:\_CPP_\myfilter). But then I have to manually rewrite all the #includes
    in those separate files as they point to different locations, of course.

    So how the other developers do it that those SDK .h files work FOR THEIR RESPECTIVE FILTER PLUGIN PROJECTS without rewriting anything inside them?

    I am totally mad at the moment as I am unable understand what is going on here, so any explanation/help would be of great great great help here (thanks in advance, guys)!

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