• GNUplot pipe inerface to plot armadillo matrix

    From kapil.ece.ecb@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Apr 24 11:22:51 2020
    Dear All,

    I am able to plot data using C++ program utilizing pipe. However I am unable to plot armadillo matrix using pipe (minimal interface)?

    Currently I am using following code to plot data from egg.dat file (contain data in matrix format)

    gnuplot p;

    p("set terminal pngcairo transparent enhanced font \"arial,20\" fontscale 1.2 size 1000, 700 ");
    p("set output \'result.png\'");
    p("set xlabel'Time(sec)'");
    p("set ylabel'Amplitude (V)'");
    p("set style data lines");

    p("plot \'egg.dat\' using 1:6 title\'Clock-6\'lt rgb 'blue' lw 2.5,\
    \'egg.dat\' using 1:7 title\'Clock-7\'lt rgb 'red' lw 2.5");

    return 0;

    Now instead of data from egg.dat, I wish to plot armadillo matrix A. Anyone have any experience?

    Thank you.

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