• Variable for data column number?

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    tirsdag den 29. april 2008 kl. 13.33.31 UTC+2 skrev Juergen Wieferink:
    Ingo Thies wrote:
    plot 'file' using c1:c2

    But is it also possible to use variables for column numbers as a
    function argument? "$c1" or similar don't work. For now, I can only do
    this by replacing the column specifier in all the lines by
    search&replace, but a global switch would be much more convenient.

    This could be done using macros "help macro", but the clean way is
    via the column() function (help column) [untested]:

    plot 'file' using (column(c1)):(column(c2))


    Thanks, This works amazing if one wants to do math on each entry in a column, but directly in a bash script, for example subtracting some number from every entry:


    gnuplot <<-EOF

    set terminal pdf
    set output "test.pdf"
    plot "data.dat" u 1:(column(2)-2.63E-02) with lines


    evince test.pdf

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