• Change lines in PNG sketch from black to blue

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    walterbyrd wrote:
    I have a very simple black-on-white sketch. Just lines, no shades, or shadows. I just want to change the black lines to blues.

    Obviously, I am not especially good at this.
    1) Select the "select by color" tool
    2) Click on any black line, this should select all blak lines in the drawing 3) Set the foreground color to the required blue
    4) Select the "bucket fill" tool
    5) Insure the "Foreground color fill" button is checked, and the "Fill
    whole selection is checked"
    6) Click on anywhere in the selection (on the black lines)
    Slighlty different method:
    1) Set the foreground color to the required blue
    2) Select the "bucket fill" tool
    3) Insure the "fill similar colors" button is checked
    4) If the lines are plain black, set the treshold slider to the minimum
    5) Click on each non-contiguous line in turn.


    Thamks for the Help! Worked like Magic

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