• Include the HUNGARIAN LANGUAGE in your software

    From christiewagner@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 28 12:09:42 2020
    May 28, 2020 TO THE GIMP TEAM:

    First off, my gratitude to all of you for developing and maintaining such a superb open source photo editing software.

    Second, I notice that you don't yet have Hungarian included in your language list. Could you please include Hungarian? Technology has an enormous number of world-renowned Hungarian contributors. Just a few are:

    DENNIS GABOR was awarded the Nobel Prize for inventing holograms;

    MARCELL JANOSI designed and patented the world’s first floppy disk

    CHARLES SIMONYI was Microsoft's chief software developer and created Microsoft Office

    FARKAS KEMPELEN in the 18th century invented the forerunner of the computer

    JOHN von NEUMANN made significant contributions to computer science, mathematics and physics

    I'm sure you'd have a huge number of avid Hungarian IT people who would love to have a Hungarian language version of Gimp.

    My very best,

    Christie Wagner

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