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    Dave Boland <dboland9@fastmail.fm> wrote:

    I have taken some photos with digital camera and need to
    resize them so I can import to LO Draw to make a
    greeting card. The image is 2000 x 3000. I want to
    resize to 5" x 7" and import into Draw. Here is what I

    1. Opened the image in GIMP, created an GIMP file.

    2. Went to Image/Scale, change the units to inches,
    changed to width to 5.5 inches, and the height rescaled.
    Then I changed the resolution to 300 px which is normal
    for printing pictures. Resized. Saved my work.

    3. Exported the resized image as a jpg.

    4. Dragged the image into Draw, and it shows the image as over 40" wide!

    What did I do wrong and how do I correct the situation?

    What you describe is exactly correct, so it's hard to
    say where things went wrong. It sounds as if you didn't
    actually save the the image to the file name you looked
    at with Draw. A 40" wide image is probably what you
    started with when it is tagged as 72 PPI.

    Whatever, you can try it again and then make sure the
    new file actually is tagged for 300 PPI, and if so it
    should be 1500x2100 pixels.

    The easy way to check is with the EXIFTOOL package from
    Phil Harvey at www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/

    Use this command to determine the pixel dimensions and the
    resolution in PPI:

    >exiftool -imagesize -xresolution DSC_0001.jpg

    William Unruh mentioned the /convert/ program for resizing,
    and it is (by far) the best tool. It is actually part of
    the ImageMagick package from www.imagemagick.org. You can
    resize an image with this command:

    >convert DSC_0001.jpg -resize 1500 -units pixelsperinch -density 300 output.jpg

    That will change the horizontal side to 1500 pixels, and retain the same
    aspect ratio. If the resulting image needs to be cropped, that can be
    done too:

    >convert DSC_0001.jpg -resize 1500 -units pixelsperinch -density 300 -crop 1500x2100+0+0 output.jpg

    Note that it will cut off the bottom of the image at
    2100 pixels. To cut off the top 100 pixels the command
    would look like this:

    >convert DSC_0001.jpg -resize 1500 -units pixelsperinch -density 300 -crop 1500x2100+0+1000 output.jpg

    Those are just the simplest ways to do it. The
    /convert/ command can do a lot of very sophisticated
    things, so if you intend to get into manipulating images
    it is something really worth learning.

    Floyd L. Davidson http://www.apaflo.com/
    Utqiagvik (Barrow, Alaska) floyd@apaflo.com

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