• pdf editing and saving messes up entered text.

    From William Unruh@21:1/5 to All on Fri Nov 25 18:08:59 2016
    I use gimp to enter text and signatures into a regular pdf document. Ie,
    I read in the pdf, enter the text and then save the result as a pdf
    document. HOwever, it messes up. What looks perfectly fine on the gimp
    page and when saved as an xcf file, does not look OK when saved as a
    pdf. Instead the last work in each line is dropped down the the next
    Thus if I have
    Nov 25/16
    as line that I entered, it comes out in the saved pdf as

    This is an entry text
    comes out as
    This is an entry

    This is of course not what I want.
    Now, I can Merge down the various layers created when I entered the
    text (one for each line of text entered) I should not have to do that
    extra 20 steps (one for each line of text).
    What is going wrong here.

    This has been true on gimp 2.8.10 on Centos and 2.8.14 on Mageia 5

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