• Any other industry vets hanging around?

    From unc0nnected@21:1/172 to All on Wed Sep 27 21:26:35 2023
    Can't imagine I'm in the only one that had BBS's and Door games shape my
    early childhood eventually leading me into the industry so I figured I'd send
    a ping down the well and see what came back.

    Been in the industry since 2001 or so after running a mirror site for an old MMOFPS called Neocron, then started my own shop to learn how hard games were, ran a remote team for a few year that also went no where, to making a demo
    for a childrens virtual world that also went no where, to finally starting an outsourcing studio 7 years later that actually did go somewhere, been in business for 14 years doing that and now aiming to spin off a tech company licensing out gameplay tech that we've built up over the past decade or so.

    Always down to chat or answer questions if anyone else in the industry is out there.

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