• Missing japanese characters in PDF file

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    Hello all,

    it's many years ago I've intensivelly worked with Tex, GS, PDF and related stuff but never done something with asian CJK fonts.

    But today I've a requiremet to put japanese chars in our reports.
    All reports were generated by our own specialized .Net Library which worked well.

    It's particulary successed, but some characters are not rendered by Adobe Reader DC (actually updated).

    What I have done is:
    1. use one of standard Adobe Fonts "HeiseiMin-W3" which is installed with Adobe Reader DC Extended Asian Fonts Pack. This is checked to be sure - font is in right place C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\DC\Resource\CIDFont\KozMinPr6N-Regular.
    2. Reencode Unicode to Big Endian Unicode inside programm code
    3. Write /Encoding /UniJIS-UTF16-H. Don't know why but this produce the best results and likes to me as UniJIS-UTF16-H CMap will be used. Checked: the CMap-file is also installed in right place c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Resource\CMap\

    Within very simply PDF file.

    Following string must be the output:

    覎绨 脂閙 xx スターゼン株式会社

    But what I see is:

    􈦎􇻨 脂閙 xx スターゼン株式会社

    The first two are replaced by placeholders (no mistake by your browser!)

    In unicode byte[] =
    {142, 137, 232,126, 32, 0, ....}

    or in big endian unicode byte [] =

    {137,142 126,232, 0,32, ....}

    In other words the chars 覎绨 with unicodes pairs {142,137} and {232,126} are not renderable.

    I've particulary overheated my head to put some japanese chars in PDF and now I'm very unlucky that it does not worked well.

    Can somebody, please, help me to resolve this problem?

    Here is a link to an example document (without flate encoding for readability!)


    P.S. Inside PDF the internal FontName is "Meiryo-H" (simply don't changed!) but the experts know, that has nothing with real font name. Said here to prevent confusion.

    My problem is I can't read and understand japanese and I can't even check if some chars are simply missing inside installed Adobe Font.

    Many, many thanks in advance!!!


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