• Truetype and Opentype outline restrictions?

    From Kevin Rogovin@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 2 03:10:50 2021

    I am thinking about writing (another) GPU glyph renderer. My usual jazz is that I do not make any assumptions on the nature of the contours of a scalable glyph: I just treat it as an arbitrary path fill. However, recently I have (another) glyph
    rendering idea and it requires some properties on the outlines (or rather without various restrictions, the complexity gets higher). With that in mind, my questions:

    1. Is it legal for a contour of a font to self intersect? I.e. a single contour intersects itself?
    2. If two contours intersect, are they guaranteed to be oriented the same way? i.e. they won't "cancel" their winding over the region of their interior?

    I ask these questions because one part of the spec talks about computing a winding number and using the non-zero fill rule and another part talks about that contour orientation is that clockwise oriented contours encode empty space and counter-clockwise
    encode solid space.

    If the contour's are somewhat separable, i.e. question 2, some issues go away...

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