• Reasons to Abandon Windows For Linux

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    Walk into the professor's office and proudly proclaim
    that your thesis was written with the superior open office
    and if the formatting is not quite right, all he'd have to
    do is install linux on his computer.  Make it clear to that
    jackass that any difficulties will be due to his stupidity.
    Leave the name of this newsgroup in case he needs help.
    I'm sure he'd be grateful for your enlightenment.
    Walk into his poffice and tell him it is in a standard PDF with
    embedded fonts and who cares what it was written on?

    Embedded fonts do not always work as intended.

    Embedded fonts in PDFS ALWAYS work as intended

    Which is why it is a standard in the print industry.

    No they don't. FedEx and Staples are living proof of that
    failure every day.

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