• Linotype's Legibility Group Typefaces

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    On Sunday, September 22, 1996 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, Stan Anson wrote:
    I've been reading about Linotype's "Legibility Group" of newspaper faces - Ionic No 5 (1925), Excelsior (1931), Opticon (1936), Paragon (1936) and Corona (1940 - or is it 1941?).

    I've only been able to find Excelsior and Corona in digital catalogues.
    Have the others been digitised? Am I right in thinking that Opticon and Paragon are just variations of Excelsior?

    I note that Bitstream's News 701 is based on Ionic No 5. How accurate is
    it? Is Monotype's Ionic (1932) simply an attempt to cash in Linotype's success?

    Bitstream's News 706 is based on another, obviously closely related
    Linotype face identified as Aurora. Is Aurora an independent face or a variation of one of the others?

    Stan Anson

    Stan Anson

    Does anyone here know how to access downloads of the fonts? Specifically Opticon?

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