• A font prodigy!

    From Johannes S.@21:1/5 to All on Thu Feb 22 17:17:30 2018
    A budding font designer from Kiev, Ukraine is attracting attention in
    some quarters for his font designing talent. Alas, all the fonts that he
    spent precious time and effort to create suddenly disappeared from his
    shop at https://creativemarket.com/gdv128. Fortunately, he still have
    some fonts available at his other shop at https://graphicriver.net/user/gdv39/portfolio

    So that you will not be surprised at the exceptional talent of this
    budding font designer, here's the background stories of his fonts
    currenty available at Envato:

    Arcadia = NeoGram UltraLight by The Northern Block - Commercial
    Arcanzas = Vidaloka by Cyreal/Google Fonts - OFL
    Arnold = TT Chocolates Regular by TypeType - Commercial
    Arnold Thin = TT Chocolates Thin by TypeType - Commercial
    Arnold Light = TT Chocolates Light by TypeType - Commercial
    Axiom Sans = Nunito Light by Vernon Adams/Google Fonts - OFL
    Equilibrium = Source Sans Pro by Adobe/Google Fonts - OFL
    Napster = Six Caps by Vernon Adams/Google Fonts - OFL
    Tilt = Proxima Nova Extrabold by Mark Simonson - Commercial

    He already duped 44 people at Graphic River/Envato and many more will
    follow if Envato does not follow what Creative Market did,

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