• Wazu font gallery updates

    From seotaewong40@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Aug 5 22:10:09 2017
    I've found a gallery of Unicode fonts called Wazu.

    This gallery of Unicode fonts as published at http://www.wazu.jp/ hasn't been updated for 6 years (since April 2011).

    Examples of font versions:
    - ALPHABETUM is dated Version 9.0 Feb 2007 but the latest version is dated Version 12.00 Mar 2017.
    - Everson Mono is dated Version 4.1.3 2003-02-13 but the latest version is dated Version 7.0.1b 2014-12-10.

    Also, some core fonts bundled with Windows such as Times New Roman do not have updated versions of it.

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