• Wang 3300 emulator 0.6 released

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    On Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 2:12:38 AM UTC+5:30, Jim Battle wrote:
    I've just updated my Wang 3300 emulator to version 0.6.


    The 3300 predated the much more successful 2200, and was intended to compete with DEC's PDP-8. It had a front panel with blinking lights and was a general purpose 16b mini-computer. The main language was a time-shared BASIC.

    The most significant thing about this release is that the front panel is now rendered from SVG descriptions, which makes it more photo-realistic and it scales with the window size. Another recent feature is the ability to connect a logical terminal to
    a real PC serial port. One person has actually connected his ASR-33 to the emulator at 110 bps to get the authentic Wang 3300 experience.

    Source code and executable are available on the zip file on that page. It currently runs under windows only, although a port to OSX and maybe linux wouldn't be too hard, as the GUI uses the wxWidgets library for portability.

    new emulator download now link http://shrinkforearn.com/ref/Rahul18

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