• A new Virtual Machine

    From Dave Dunfield@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 26 05:20:25 2020
    Posted this a couple days ago, but it may have gotten trashed due to
    a link to the server I was using - I've changed servers and hopefully
    this makes it through....

    Just letting you know about a new Virtual Machine. I designed it to make
    it easy to move years worth of software developed under DOS to more modern platforms but DVM is much more capable than that, and can enable you to
    run simple to complex applications "most anywhere".

    DVM is NOT a DOS emulator. It is a new (and surprisingly simple) virtual
    CPU and complete system. Includes a port of my C compiler which makes it
    easy to build code that runs under it.

    You can download and check out DVM via my personal site:


    PS: It's been years since I've posted to newsgroups. My apologies
    if this is not a good place. The site listed above contains contact
    information to reach me.

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