• IBM System\360 emulator written in APL

    From William Gallant@21:1/5 to All on Thu Mar 21 02:39:04 2019
    I found this conversation a year or so ago...

    Long ago I found an IBM 360 emulator written in 2 pages of APL and published
    in some technical magazine. Anyone recall this and have a copy? (I've found websites with copies of similar articles, but lacked the straight-up APL code.)


    You're not thinking of Falkoff/Iverson/Sussenguth's A Formal Description of SYSTEM/360, are you? http://www.cs.trinity.edu/~jhowland/class.files.cs2321.html/...


    Close, but not quite.
    As I recall (some 20 years ago) it had two pages of actual APL code
    (not notation, real runnable code).


    I have possessed a copy of the Falkoff/Iverson Formal Description of
    System/360 for a long time, yet have never seen the 2-page emulator
    program writtne in APL this guy is talking about. Does anyone on
    comp.lang.apl know anything about this?

    -- William Gallant

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