• Problems compiling the MFC with Winelib

    From fkorsa31@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Dec 8 01:03:32 2015
    Hello everyone.

    I am trying to compile the MFC with Winelib, in order to port a huge MFC-based application on Linux. However, I encountered a lot of compilation errors, despite following to the letter the winelib documentation on compiling the MFC.

    Of course, I know it's not supposed to work the first time. But there just doesn't seem to be an end to these compilation errors.

    Did someone recently tried to compile the MFC using Winelib? Is it something still supported by Wine?

    Also, the MFC depends on the Windows SDK. However, nothing seems to be there in Winelib to help the Windows SDK compilation. Furthermore, the Windows SDK is not even mentioned in the Winelib documentation!

    I am using Wine 1.7.55, and the MFC code shipped with Visual Studio 2015 Professional.
    I ran winemaker --interactive to specify the different options as specified in the documentation.
    More specifically, I added these options:

    Note that if I add --nomfc, winegcc complains with "unrecognized command line option -fnomfc". I edited the makefile to remove that flag afterwards, but I guess this is not the intended behavior.

    If someone would have some general directives to help me compile the MFC, I would be most grateful.
    I'm not posting my errors right now, because I am unsure whether this forum is appropriate for technical discussions, but I will do so if someone asks.

    FYI, I am aware that CodeWeavers offers paid support for such problems, but that is not a solution I will be considering.

    Hoping someone will be able to help,
    Have a good day.
    Florian Korsakissok

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