• AIB 2016-05: Proceedings of the 2nd KuVS Expert Talk on Localization

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    The following technical report is available from http://aib.informatik.rwth-aachen.de:

    Proceedings of the 2nd KuVS Expert Talk on Localization
    Mathias Pelka, Grigori Goronzy, Jó Agila Bitsch, Horst Hellbrück, and
    Klaus Wehrle (Editors)
    AIB 2016-05

    Localization is a key technology in the field of medical, industrial and logistics applications. Especially indoor applications benefit from localization, e.g. the knowledge, where personnel is required, scarce
    resources are available, and goods move. Similarly, autonomous vehicles
    require reliable localization information for a wide range of tasks. Localization information saves time and money and can also save lives in
    case of emergency. However, there is no generic solution in near future
    that will cover all use cases and all environments.

    With the 2nd Expert Talk on Localization we provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of new research and ideas in a local
    setting, bringing together experts and practitioners from academia and industry. As a result, a considerable amount of time is devoted to
    informal and moderated discussions, for instance during the extended
    breaks. In addition to traditional localization topics such as radio
    based localization, we also aim at novel technologies by encouraging submissions offering research contributions related to algorithms,
    stability and reliability, and applications. The high-quality program
    includes numerous contributions, starting with UWB range-based radio
    technology approaches, topological simplifications and clustering
    schemes, as well as automotive applications, together with visual
    localization approaches and fundamental limits of localization.

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