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    hi ng,

    how or with what (snmp, arp, ?) can i readout the mac address corresponding to a switch port (for example:nortel device manager) ?!

    Reinhold Just

    For Cisco, we need to fetch the CAM table on VLAN Basis if the switch is Cisco using the link http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/simple-network-management-protocol-snmp/13492-cam-snmp.html

    But in case of HP Switch, Vlan Tagging is not needed and same OID's will work to fetch the CAM Table.

    Incase of Juniper-Ex Switch, the same BRIDGE-MIB oid's wont work and there we can try for Q-BRIDGE-MIB (Working, tested).

    The below tutorial explains clearly.


    Here is My Question:
    Now we have 2 Approaches to fetch the CAM table
    1. Vlan Based (community@vlan, community-vlan).
    2. Direct polling the OID (Either BRIDGE-MIB or QBRIDGE-MIB)

    So, Fetching CAM table from the different switches are going to fall above 2 or are there any other ways to get the CAM Table ?

    Even a small Help is greatly appreciated.

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