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    Nomen Nescio wrote:

    OK, which one would anyone use:
    nordvpn or purevpn?
    Even though nordvpn is based in nas central Panama, it is well

    For fuck sake pick one and be done with it.

    Use your own wits and stop relying on other to make your
    decisions for you.

    We are all here to help. If you cannot then don't post anything. He
    she is clearly new to this so we should give good advice.
    Since I do not use a vpn, so can someone just help the person.

    Ya, we are all experts on "nordvpn and purevpn"... Never heard
    of them. Is the user trying to hide downloading porn or pirated
    media content? What is the intended use of the VPN? The user
    does not say and it is stupid of you to say help them when we
    know not the particulars of use.



    Really? Why should they, as do you tell the world why you use anon
    services. It is their private matter.

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