• Must an ODBC driver use SQLGetPrivateProfileString?

    From Anton Shepelev@21:1/5 to All on Thu Mar 14 17:18:42 2019
    Hello, all

    Must a conforming ODBC driver for ODBC 2.0 or higher
    use the SQLGetPrivateProfileString function, or can
    it still query the odbc.ini file directly? The doc-
    umentation is deplorably silent on this matter:


    I ask this because the HANA ODBC dirver for Linux
    read odbc.ini instead of calling
    SQLGetPrivateProfileString from the driver manager.
    This causing me some trouble, I reported it as a
    bug, but they refuse to acknowledge it. The posi-
    tion of HANA support is that reading odbc.ini di-
    rectly is perfectly correct and that calling SQLGet-
    PrivateProfileString implies a dependency upon a
    specific driver manager (unixODBC in our case),
    which is of course wrong, for *any* driver manager
    is required to provide SQLGetPrivateProfileString in
    a dynamic library.

    Wish I could refer then to an official document re-
    quiring that an ODBC driver obtain its DSN informa-
    tion strictly via SQLGetPrivateProfileString, but I
    have found no such document.

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