• Always on Availability group between 2 separate SQL Clusters.

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    I have an active passive cluster on my primary Data center in NY and have a DR Active / passive SQL Cluster in TX.
    Both clusters host an active / passive SQL instance. Lets call it SQLNY(Primary) and SQLTX (DR). I want to enable always On Availability group within the two SQL Instances SQLNY and SQLTX. The listener will be SQLAG. This will be able to run under any of
    the 4 nodes (2 in NY and 2 in TX based on status).

    Is there a practical way to implement this? This will not only give me instant fail over within the NY (Primary) but also give me the flexibility to fail over to TX.

    I am using SQL 2014 Enterprise Edition on both clusters. Any help will be much appreciated..

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