• ABF seterr map error value

    From nikosv@21:1/5 to All on Tue Oct 12 05:40:03 2021
    Trying to catch the following error with seterr

    ## US09CC line %0d, Syntax error on '%1c'. The correct syntax is:
    DROP [object_type] object_name {, [object_type] object_name} ##

    so there's no error message displayed to the user of the ABF application.

    errhelp E_US09CC

    gives value (2508)

    The following handler if given 'case 2508' does not catch the error,but if I use 'Generic code 31000/Statement syntax error' it does.

    int myhandler (int *errno) {
    int status=0;

    switch (*errno)
    case 31000:
    status = 0;
    status = *errno;
    return (status);

    So the question is,how can I get the correct value of a E_ error to use it for seterr ?

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