• verifydb -opurge fails with E_DM918F

    From Roy Hann@21:1/5 to All on Thu Mar 4 13:54:22 2021
    Re 11.0.0 (su9.us5/100)

    A collegue ran verifydb -opurge a couple of days ago. It fell over with E_DM918F_ILLEGAL_DEL_FIL, apparently trying to delete a core catalogue.

    A quick search for tables that have an expire_date set found just some
    backups of user tables that I expected, so it's not like some clown
    did SAVE UNTIL on a system catalogue.

    Both errlog.log and the per-server error log suggest I look in
    errlog.log for details but those cupboards are bare. I have no idea what
    it was trying to delete.

    I don't have standing to raise this as a support issue so I thought I'd
    come here to whine about it. Thanks for listening.


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